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Shining the Light on Limb Loss

One VA Medical Center’s Approach to Preventing Amputations With Their Novel Approach to PAVE Program Delivery

This lecture focuses on how we, at the Carl Vinson VA, have incorporated some of the latest wound healing technologies into our PAVE Program to help heal wounds, improve patient outcomes during wound healing, and help reduce the number of amputations at our facility.

This CME lecture is from the Live In-Person
2023 Desert Foot Conference.

Daniel Ferreras, DPM,

Chief Podiatrist
Carl Vinson, VA Medical Center
Dublin, GA
[email protected]

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the goals of the VA’s PAVE program to improve patient outcomes.
  2. Demonstrate the benefits in employing advanced medical imaging technologies to manage chronic wounds (eg, DFU, VLU, etc.)
  3. Understand NIRS imaging in limb preservation and how early identification of vascular insufficiency, with the technology, can improve patient outcomes.

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