PRESENT 5-Minute Podiatry Clinical Challenge - Week 1

Introduction to the PRESENT 5-Minute Podiatry Clinical Challenge

PRESENT has begun a new clinical education series that is unique in that it will take you just 5 minutes each week to participate in it to learn something new.

Every Monday at 11am, you will receive an email containing a link to an interactive blog that will cover one clinical topic. Each topic is contributed by a faculty member including a few from the Western University College of Podiatric Medicine. Topics will be far ranging and diverse including Infection, Tarsal Coalition, Gout, EKG, TMA, Pediatric Torsion, Dermatomyositis, Tinea Pedis, Cellulitis, Contact Dermatitis, and Hallux Fracture.  All of these and more will be covered in the weeks ahead. 

Try a few to see if you agree that this is a pleasant, effective, and easy way to learn something new every week. 

Here is this week's challenge:

This Week's Topic: Infection

This clinical scenario, where a minor skin injury leads to infection which is neglected and then leads to major infection is often seen by all podiatrists. How you treat it is the key. See if you agree with this 3-step case presented by Western University College of Podiatric Medicine faculty member Chandler Hubbard, DPM.