Using Patient Education Genius to Improve Communication with Patients and Acquire more 5-Star Online Reviews

  • What is Patient Education Genius?

    Patient Education Genius, also known as PEG, is an EHR-based software that helps you share patient education and relevant information easily and quickly.
  • What is the current problem?

    Today, most podiatrists use either paper handouts or will tell a patient to visit a website for additional information. However, the more steps you ask patients to take to access patient education, the less likely it is that patients will do so. With PEG, the information sent to patients is in a text or an email which does not require any registration, login, or download.
  • What are the benefits?

    Patient Education Genius is a content management and distribution system that is integrated with your medical record. You are able to organize all of the information you send your patients into folders. This information can be webpages, PDFs, videos, etc. You may use your own content that you already like to send to patients, or you may select content from their library of over 40,000 pieces of content. When you want to send something to a patient, you launch right from their patient record and select the materials you want to send them. The patient's contact information (phone or email) auto-populates into the "send" field. Upon sending information to your patients, they are prompted to open everything sent to them, as well as view additional service promotions and leave an online review if they had a positive experience. If they do not open all of the materials sent to them, they are sent a series of reminder messages encouraging them to open all of the materials sent to them.
  • Why did I start using it?

    Prior to using PEG, I was using another website to send education to my patients that wasn’t nearly as fulfilling. It didn't integrate with my EMR and it did not have the online reputation management component, both of which are fulfilled by PEG. Furthermore, I enjoy PEG because everything you send to patients is also documented in your medical record. You can review what you sent to patients as well as visit PEG’s tracking dashboard to see if and when patients open what was sent to them. Additionally, PEG provides weekly reports on all of my activity, my patients’ activity, and patient experiences/reviews collected.
  • What other options do I have?

    There probably are a few other companies that do somewhat similar things. For instance, our medical record automatically generates generic content but I don't find it as helpful as it is not customized and not editable. Some may argue that it is easier to give your patients handouts/printouts. However, as the world is constantly turning more and more digital, we need to provide pertinent information to our patients the way most all information is given to them - via their phones and computers.