PRESENT Podiatry Board Review w/ Boards By The Numbers

Obtaining Board Certification or Board Eligibility is a rite of passage. It is a confirmation that you have mastered the techniques and fundamental knowledge of podiatric medicine, surgery, and orthopedics.

We believe this is a process that should be undertaken slowly and deliberately, with the ultimate goal making you a better-trained physician. Most live Board Review programs involve intense cramming sessions with lists of material that the candidate may encounter. The cost is considerable and process inefficient. Trying to stay alert through three days of lectures, two to three months before the actual exam just doesn't do the task justice, nor does it honor the experience.

The inefficiency of this current board review process is made apparent by the statistics themselves. Only a mere 60% of the approximately 2000 candidates who take the exam each year, actually pass the first time.

Leading podiatric educators developed PRESENT Courseware to provide professional teaching materials that increase the convenience and efficiency of the current arduous board preparation process.

PRESENT Board Review serves as the revolutionary answer to all podiatrists seeking a more effective means of reviewing for the boards. Podiatrists using PRESENT Board Review can do so from the comfort of their own home at the times most convenient to them. PRESENT Board Review effectively eliminates all the burdens associated with traveling to costly live review courses.

Also now including special lectures by ex-board examiners, with specific advice on how to approach the review process and how to take the exam.
CME Credit with Instant Print on Demand
CME Certificates is now Live

* Our Cloud (on-line) Version is accessible on pc''s, Macs, ipads and multiple mobile devices. The subscription is good for 1 year (365 days) from the time of registration. It requires a broadband Internet connection (Cable or ADSL), a mobile phone (for user authorization) and an up-to-date browser

We now offer CME credit, granted by The Kent State University of Podiatric Medicine, for every lecture that is viewed. We have developed a fully automated self-service system to create beautiful custom CME certificates that can be printed immediately after getting a 70% passing grade on a 10 question Post-Test. We believe this is the most immediate way that currently exists to earn the CME credit that podiatrists need to renew their state licensure. Let's say an individual is missing 3 credit hours at the end of his/her state's credit year. Easy...they login to PRESENT Board Review, view the lectures, and by the end of the evening, they will have three (3) certificates in hand, ready to submit to their state podiatry board.

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