California Radiology Course

In addition to the general requirement to earn 50 CME/CECH credits every 2 years for license renewal, California podiatrists have an additional requirement to earn radiology credits if they take x-rays in their office. The Continuing Education Requirements for Certificate/Permit Renewal regulations of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), last updated in Feb 2017, states that anyone taking x-rays in California must meet the requirements for licensure as a Certified Radiologic Technologist. Those requirements include earning 10 CME credits every two years, “related to the application of X-ray to the human body” which may include “X-ray administration, X-ray management, X-ray pathology, X-ray diagnosis and X-ray quality control.” They go on to say that, “It is the responsibility of the certificate or permit holder to ascertain the acceptability of the continuing education activity as a CE credit for the Department’s purposes.”

We at PRESENT e-Learning Systems have put together this collection of online CME lectures designed specifically to help California podiatrists meet this requirement. The course consists of 26 lectures that total 15.25 CME credits, all in the subject area of x-ray radiology.

26 Lectures Included (15.25 credits)

Diabetic Foot Credits Length
Diabetic Pedal Osteomyelitis - Concepts and Controversies 1 59 min
Foot Conditions Credits Length
Pathomechanics of HAV 0.5 23 min
Peri-Talar Subluxation 0.5 30 min
Imaging Credits Length
MRI Evaluation of Forefoot Pathology 0.5 23 min
Soft Tissue Masses of the Foot and Ankle Part 1 0.5 29 min
MRI of the Forefoot-Review of Normal Anatomy 0.5 32 min
Bone Tumors of the Foot and Ankle: Part 2 0.75 36 min
Calcaneal, Talar and Midfoot Trauma 0.5 29 min
Podiatric Radiology Rounds - Radiographic Evaluation of Inflammatory Arthritis 0.5 25 min
Podiatric Emergency Radiology - Foot Trauma 0.5 28 min
MRI of the Ankle-Review of Pathology 0.5 28 min
Midfoot Trauma 0.5 28 min
Soft Tissue Masses of the Foot and Ankle Part 2 0.5 29 min
MRI of the Midfoot-Review of Normal Anatomy 0.75 33 min
Bone Tumors of the Foot and Ankle: Part 1 0.5 30 min
Radiographic Pitfalls In Lower Extremity Trauma 0.5 30 min
Podiatric Radiology Rounds - Radiographic Evaluation of Degenerative Arthritis 0.5 28 min
Podiatric Emergency Radiology - Ankle Fractures 0.5 27 min
MRI of the Ankle - Review of Normal Anatomy 0.5 29 min
Radiology Credits Length
Fluoroscopy/Xray Radiation Safety: What the Podiatrist Needs to Know 1 52 min
The Radiology Podiatry Toolbox-Overview of Imaging Modalities 0.75 33 min
Diabetic Pedal Osteomyelitis and Neuropathic Osteoarthropathy 0.5 25 min
Fluoroscopy and Arthrography 1 60 min
Radiographic Evaluation of Flatfoot 0.5 29 min
Surgery Credits Length
Percutaneous Bunion Correction - Are You Kidding Me? 0.5 27 min
Vascular Credits Length
Imaging of Peripheral Arterial Disease - How to Choose the Right One 0.5 27 min